Alex Tyler Harp

9/5/93 – 8/14/07


Being a Christian is like being in a race.  Sometimes like running in a marathon.  No, you’re not racing each other and we are not in competition with one another, as being a Christian.  But, we do get tired at times and feel like we need a rest, or a break.  Once we have reached the finish line, Jesus is there with open arms to tell us of a job well done.  We all, Christians, need to examine our lives to see where we are at in the race. 

We thank God everyday that Alex ran the race with all of his might.  He made it to the finish line before most us.  His job on earth was done, and Jesus was there to meet him at the finish line with open arms.  And to tell him of a race ran well.   


Dear Alex,

We are so proud of the race that you ran.  Being a Christian is certainly hard, just as running a race is hard and exhausting.  We are so glad that you ran with every ounce of energy that you had.  All the way up until the day that you left us.  My prayer is that your example has inspired others to run the Christian race with all of their might and anticipate that Jesus Christ will be at the finish line with open arms to tell them of a job well done.  We love and miss you so much.  Until we see you again (at The Finish Line).

With much, much love,

Mom, Dad and Chris


PS.  Thanks for the seashell .

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7:00 PMA Special Tribute for Cecil Hodge

This page is currently under construction.  This page will be set specifically for Cecil Hodge, who went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, August 23, 2009.  This page will be tribute to this great man, who meant so much to our family and helped keep Alex's memory alive.  Now we plan to do the same and lift his family up in our prayers.  PLease remember the Hodge family in your prayers and also Crystal River Gospel Group.  A group of 3 wonderful young men, who he helped get their name out there with a recording studio. 

More will be posted at a later time, along with pictures, to introduce YOU to Cecil Hodge, who is in a better place, with our precious Alex.