Why Waite?

Nancy enjoys sharing messages that the Lord gives to her, with everyone.  Some of the messages are inspired to her by bread crumbs that she picks up that Alex has left behind. 

Eddie & Nancy also speak together when asked.  Eddie does tend to get a few words in.  Guys, I'm sure that you understand.

From a mother's heart!

Nancy enjoys going to different churches and speaking to ladies groups and sharing her testimony on how God has carried her through one of the toughest moments that a mother could possibly go thru.  With God ANYTHING is possible.

Conflicts within a church. Are they worth it?

Eddie gives his testimony of how he had a conflict within the church before Alex passed away.  After Alex passed away, Eddie began to realize what he considered to matter before, does not matter anymore.  His focus is on Christ, not the things of unimportance. He has such a wonderful testimony that everyone enjoys listening to. He also enjoys sharing his testimony with the congregation.

Are You Invincible?

So many youth think they are invincible, when they are not.  They have no idea that they, just like we, can go at any time without a warning.  We have a Power Point Presentation that we like to share with the youth.  It is a very imformative Power Point.  The presentation starts off with the What If's and proceeds to Why Waite and ends with Are You Ready for the Unexpected?  We have had an awesome response with this presentation.  Without telling the youth, we have inserted some photos of Alex and we also play his CD of "I Still Believe".  We explain to the youth that Alex was ready for the Unexpected.  And it is very important that they are too.