6/16/2009 Greenlawn Baptist Church, Eastman, Ga.

Eddie spoke to a pile of youth at Greenlawn Baptist Church in Eastman, GA. He had a great time and the night was just awesome. THanks Greenlawn for allowing me to come and share.

3/2/2009 Ozias Freewill Baptist Church

Nancy was able to speak to great bunch of youth and adults.  Played Alex's CD and showed powerpoint.  What a moveable night.  Many youth came to the alter and prayed.  Don't think that there were many dry eyes in the House that night.  Praise God for a wonderful night.

2/25/2009 Brookfield, Ga.

Eddie and I had the opportunity to speak to a great group of youth at Brookfield Baptist Church in Brookfield, Ga.  What a night.  We shared Alex's testimony and our own testimony.  We showed the powerpoint and were able to witness to these youth.

11/8/2008 Youth Explosion

Carver Baptist Church (my home church) held a "Get Ripe With Christ" Youth Explosion, Saturday, November 8, 2008.  It was absolutely awesome.  I felt led a few months ago with the idea to this.  I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest.  I just knew God was telling me to do it.  I had to do a little research on what a Youth Explosion was, so I went on the internet and did some exploring.  I took it before our youth committee and explained to them what I would like to do.  They approved it and told me once I had a date and activities to come back so they could review it.  I did not do anything for about a month.  Then one day, November 8th popped in my head, I don't know why, but again, I felt like that was the date God had planned.  I called my pastor, who told me to send an email out and see what kind of response that I would get.  Within 5 minutes of sending out that email, I began getting responses.  I got with a friend of mine and told her about, who get VERY excited.  Within a week we had all planned.

There were about 125 youth there, which was great considering there were ballgames, fall festivals, weddings, etc.  We had a dinner, couple of bands, a skit team, a soloist w/guitar, and a dynamic speaker.  God planned this night.  We had about 6 different churches present (some of different denominations).  Now, this will be a quarterly event.  Different churches will be hosting.  Jesus Christ will be the Guest of Honor.

11/4/2008 Burkett Missionary Baptist

What a way to bring in the Polls...............................Burkett Missionary Baptist held their quarterly Ladies Meeting.  Such a wonderful group of ladies and so inviting.  I felt as though I had always known them.  The food was awesome.  We had barbeque, potatoe salad, baked beans, pecan pie, and custard pie.  The pecan pie was awesome.  I did not try the custard pie, because I had no room.  But the ladies that I was sitting with were writing the recipe down on napkins, they made such a fuss over this pie.  I thought that I might would try it, although I didn't think that I could stuff anything else in my stomach.  Too late, it was all gone.

I shared Alex's testimony and then I shared mine.  There were several things that I wanted to share, but God did not intend me on sharing at this time.  Although I had notes with me, I rarely used them.  Its funny, cause when God says speak, I speak.  When He says hush, I hush.  I have learned not to question God.  When He spoke to me in September, 2007 I became very obedient. 

I want to thank everyone at Burkett Missionary Baptist Church for such a warm welcoming.  I truely felt at home.

8/12/2008 Brotherhood meeting

Eddie did a remarkable job on this night.  There were roughly 70 - 80 men in attendance this night.  I don't think there was hardly a dry eye in the house.  He gave his testimony of how his life was before Alex's death and how his life has changed since.  He spoke of the things that he thought was of importance in his life and how he took life for granted.  Once moving to Douglas and becoming involved in such a wonderful church with church family he became aware of what was important and that was God and family.  The last eight years of Alex's life Eddie was more involved than ever before.

He also spoke of conflicts within a church and how sometimes we get so caught up in conflicts and let it run our lives when we need to turn it over to God and let Him handle whatever it is.

If you were not able to make it that night, you missed a true blessing.

7/15/2008 VBS at Westwood Baptist

In early spring of 2008,  I was asked to speak one night at VBS for Westwood Baptist Church in Coffee County, Georgia.  That night was being based on Moses and his mother, when he was a baby.  I was asked to compare that with the passing of Alex.  I have to admit, I thought, now how in the world cane I compare that which happened with Moses and his mother, to my life and the passing of Alex.  I did a lot of reading and a lot of internet search.  Then finally 2 weeks before VBS I was reading Exodus 1, again.  I looked at the story more in depth.  Then, I finally realized, that his mother and myself did have something in common.  We both had no control of letting our son's go.  She was such a smart lady and loved her son very much.  She made him a basket to put him in.  She also had a brillant daughter, called Miriam.  Now, she was extremely smart.  So smart that she out smarted the king's daughter.  I mean, listen, she took Moses and placed him in the basket that his mother had made for him, and placed the basket in the river and hid in the bushes.  When Pharoah's daughter and her maid servants came to the river so the princess could bath, she heard a baby cry.  She told her maid servants to go get the basket and bring it to her.  When she opened the basket she saw this beaurtiful baby boy inside the basket. Who came out?  Miriam, his sister and she asked the princess if she would like for her to find someone to nurse the child for her.  The princess told her, yes.  Miriam came back with Moses's mother.  The princess told her to take the baby and nurture him and she will pay her wages.  Moses's mother got to take him back home and raise him until he was older and nurture him, then she gave him to Pharoah's daughter.

How does this compare to Alex and myself?  When Alex was born, he almost died.  He was born 1 1/2 months early because my Uterus ruptured.  God gave him back to me for us to raise and nurture Alex, both physically and spiritually.  Just 3 weeks shy of his 14th birthday, God was ready for him to come home.  And we had to let him go. 

To Westwood Baptist Church of Coffee County, Georgia.  Thank you for asking me to speak to your children and youth.  By studying this chapter and story has made me see things differently.  Everything happens in our lives for the will of God.  I strongly believe that.  I thank God for allowing me to understand his Word. 


6/7/2008 Chozen Concert

If you did not make it to the concert Saturday night, then you missed a truely great blessing.  Chozen Acapella Gospel Quartet did an outstanding job along with Greg Murray of Trumpet Praise Ministries and The New Taylor Singers.  Chozen did a tremendous tribute to our precious Alex.  Folks let me tell you how talented these young men are..............There was a row of middle school and high school students sitting up front that came to church the next morning just to hear them again.  There were elderly in the audience, as well, and they were also at church the next morning to hear them again.  Word has gotten around Douglas, Ga. about these guys and people are telling me that they can not wait until they come back to Douglas again, so that they can hear them.  This is how good they are.  They send out such a great message.  When you meet them you can sense the Holy Spirit with them.  Their hearts a truely for work of God.  You can visit their myspace page to see their schedule.  I know they will be in Waycross, Ga. on June 28, 2008 at an "All night" gospel sing.  We will have them back at Carver Baptist Church in Douglas, Ga. again real soon.  Our church really needed this and I am sure yours does too.  To visit their myspace page go to www.myspace.com/chozenboyz.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me and ask.  Their music fits into any denomination.  It is southern gospel with a contemporary twist.  Their ministry is great with a great gift.  God has certainly given these guys talents.  I could go on and on.  I know that Alex would have absolutely loved them and you will too.

These guys have since changed the name of their group to Crystal River and now sing to music.  However, they still throw some acappela in there.

God Bless, Nancy

5/8/2008 A Gift from God


Tuesday night I received a phone call from someone whom I have never met, before.  She was looking for someone to speak at her churches Vacation Bible School.  A friend of hers told her that I speak at different churches, groups, etc.  When she asked if I would mind doing it, I gladly accepted.  We spoke on the phone for quite some time.  Her husband was tragically killed 8 years ago.  We shared with one another.  When we were saying our goodbyes on the phone, I told her of the website and she was anxious to get on her computer and view it.  Moment after we hung up, she called back.  She asked me if I had seen the image on the website.  I told her that I did not know what she was talking about.  I was very curious, so as I was speaking with her, I pulled my laptop out and pulled it up.  She had to direct me and then I SAW IT (HIM).  I was floored.  I went and got Eddie up and told him that he had to come and see this.

Now, I will tell you.  Look at the top of the middle cross, to the left of this page at the top, and barely to the left of that cross you will see an image.  The image is a young boy’s face wearing glasses.

My younger sister told me that she believes that God has let me and Eddie see Alex’s face for Mother’s Day and for Father’s Day.






4/20/2008 Eastside Baptist Church of Americus, Ga.

WOW!  Eddie and I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Eastside Baptist Church in Americus, Ga. this morning.  I called it tag team.  It was tag teaming for God against Satan.  Satan tries so hard to make things not work and to get you so confused so that you will loose your focus on God.  I wanted to video it this morning.  My battery was fully charged, but I could not get the thing to work.  I just said, "That's okay.  God does not think that it is necessary for me to video this."  So I put it away, and me and Eddie cut the other equipment on.  Eddie spoke first and I must say that he gave an awesome testimony.  Then he had me come forward to give mine.  Well, for those who know me, you know I need some time to talk.  I had no notes at this church.  I tried this past week, but just could not do it.  I knew that God had other plans.  I gave my testimony on how the ministry got started, but then I got to the Powerpoint............I could not get it to work.  Now everything worked the night before and that morning, so I toyed around with it and it finally began working.  That was the devil again.  But, I turned it around and began speaking of different scripture that I have been running across.  When my equipment was off it just gave me more time to think and speak.  I laugh at the devil, because he is so foolish.  Everything went perfectly, I think.  Isn't God great?  Several came to the alter to pray.  My father-in-law and mother-in-law came to the alter to rededicate their lives.  Now, I will ask again....................Isn't God GREAT?  If you are ever in the Americus, Ga. area, I encourage you to visit Eastside Baptist Church.  Brother Andy Hines from Columbus, Ga. is pastor.  He and his wife are awesome people.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

4/4/2008 New Memorial Page

I have gotten a memorial page thru www.Virtual-Memorials.com.  It is a great site and has lots of viewers.  It is also another great way for us to minister.  The memorial page was created on 4-02-08.  Hope you enjoy it.

3/24/2008 Easter

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Easter?  We had a wonderful time at my moms in Leesburg, Ga.  My husband, Eddie, was there, my awesome son Chris was there, Nicole (my step-daughter) and two children (my grandbabies), mom, both of my sisters, brother-in-law, nephew and two nieces.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law could not be there due to having a bar-b-que in Americus, Ga. to raise money for a lady that is very sick.  The bar-b-que went very well, too.  We had a great time.  Believe it or not, my nieces, who are 6 and 8, loved the game Bocca.  We hid eggs and they hunted the eggs.  That was a lot of fun.  We had our get together on Saturday.

Sunday, we went to Sunday School and Church.  Eddie and I sing in the choir and the choir sung a special.  I love singing for the Lord and to sing of His wonderful love for me and how He gave His life for me and you.  I know that I am not worthy of His love.  But, He loves me anyway, no matter what my sins have been and are.  I can never repay that debt, but I give my life to the Lord.  I plan to serve Him whole heartedly.  My prayer is that you will do that, too.

3/16/2008 Winter Jam

WOW!  We had a GREAT time at WinterJam 2008 at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Ga. last night.  We took some of our Youth from Carver Baptist Church to the concert and had a ball.  There a not enough words, and I know, not enough space on this page to say it all.  It was very moving.  You can tell that I am an old fuddie.  I knew all of Jeremy Camp's songs, cause Alex had all of his CD's.  But Matthew West and Toby Mac, I'm sorry, I didn't know who they were.  Did not know that I had heard their songs before.  I kept asking some of the kids that I was sitting beside with our group, "Is that their song?  I didn't know they were the ones who sung that song."  I felt like a complete dummy.  All three were totally awesome.  They put on such a great show.  If you EVER get a chance to see these guys (Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac and/or Matthew West) pay the extra money and go see them.  They have such a message to share with everyone.  I wish Alex could have been there, he would've had a ball.  But, that's okay, Chris had enough fun for both of them, I think.

Alex was a huge fan of Jeremy Camp's.  In 2006 Alex took voice lessons, to help during that difficult age when your voice starts to change.  His teacher told him to choose a song that he enjoyed singing and to plan for a recording session.  She thought it would be a good experience for him.  He chose I Still Believe.  I was fortunate to be able to sit in on the recording and I cried the entire time.  It was beautiful.  His goal was to give Jeremy Camp a copy of the CD.  Alex understood the reason Jeremy wrote that song, which made it even more special to him.  Saturday night at the concert, I was able to speak to Randy (guitarist for Jeremy Camp) and I told him that I had given the CD and a shirt, that was designed by Alex, to a security guard who said he would make sure that they got it.  Randy assured me that he would check on it.

As I said before, these guys are awesome.  They are out there to give a message, to all, about OUR Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It does not matter what color, what denomination or what sex you are.  In God's eyes we are all equal as long as we are believers in Him.  If you are not a Believer then stop Doubting now and Believe that you can have eternal life if you except Jesus Christ as your Savior.

3/12/2008 Last nights Ladies Meeting

Just wanted to let everyone know that last nights meeting was awesome.  I absolutely love meeting new people.  And what makes it even better is when the are Godly people.  There is nothing better than being under the same roof with people filled with the Holy Spirit.  The meeting started around 7:00pm and I believe that I left around 9:00 or 9:15pm.  Before the meeting, I pondered with what I was going to speak about.  I have many different things that I enjoy speaking on, including my Power Point Presentation.  But, I had no idea what I was going to speak on.  I had prayed and prayed for God to tell me what He wanted me to talk about.  Even on the way to the church I prayed and said, "God, please tell me what you want me to speak to these about.  I just don't know, but I know You will use me however You see fit."  Then FINALLY, he told me to use a mixture of what I have spoken on in the past and that is what I did.  I just gave my testimony on what God has done in my life since Alex has gone to be with Him in Heaven.  Then I gave the wonderful ladies the opportunity to ask me questions.  My gratitude goes to them.  For every opportunity that I have to speak of this wonderful ministry, it helps us heal.



3/12/2008 Pie in the face

We attend Carver Baptist Church of Douglas, Ga. and we have been working with the Youth Group for the past several weeks.  About 4 weeks ago I challenged the Youth.  Our numbers had dropped, like it does anywhere you go, but I told them a certaing number that we would need to get up to, if they wanted to egg me.  Well, I made it a little more challenging and upped that number by 10 more.  And if they reached that number, they could egg me, my husband, and another Youth Leader in the room.  You should have heard the excitement!  A couple of weeks ago I met a young man that led Alex, our son, to rededication a couple of years ago.  Awesome story, when I get his permission I will share that story on this website.  Anyway, I kind of get sidetracked at times, he came and spoke to our youth last Wednesday night, March 5, 2008 and we had 4 youth to rededicate their lives.  I told them, although  they did not reach our goal, who cares, rededication was enough.  Guess what?  We got pie in the face tonight.  They were very concernced about hurting us with the eggs, so everyone chose to get pied, instead.  Within a few days, I hope to have some of the pictures of that wonderful event.  We have got the most awesome youth, ever!  GO CARVER!!!!!!  Great kids.

3/11/2008 Women's Ministry

I am very excited about tonight.  I will be speaking at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Jeff Davis County, Georgia.  I am really anxious to see what God is going to have me to speak on.  Several things have come to mind and I have also written them down.  God has always told me within an hour before though on what he wants me to speak about.  He gives me an idea and I research the idea and get knowledge of it and then I pray and leave it in God's hands.  It is truely amazing of how God works.  We serve such an awesome God.