The 3 Crosses

Some may wonder why I am so stuck with the 3 crosses.  I have several reasons.  One of those reasons is because they are biblical.  When I see three crosses I am reminded of the story of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.  One of the thieves accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and the other one rejected Him. 

But, there is another reason.  You see, in December, 2007, I was thinking of the wonderful things that we had discovered  that Alex had said, written, drawn, etc.  I had a pencil in my hand as I was telling someone about what he had done.  As I was telling the story I was drawing at the same time.  See, over a three year period is when these things that Alex had drawn and written, was done.  He did not do them at one time.  As I was explaining the different things that Alex had drawn I had my pen in my hand and I was doodling.  This is my story of the three crosses.

The first cross that we had found that Alex had drawn was on a hill , and in that hill he had written "Why Waite" and under the hill he had written "It says, "If you do not know me then do not judge me".  Then later, we found another cross and it had a shaded line under it and beneath it he had written, "What If".  Then a couple of weeks later we found another one that he had drawn and it was on a hill.  Beneath that hill he had written, "Would U take the place of this Man?" (Which I later found out that is a lyric in Jeremy Camp's song "This Man")  That is all of the drawings that we have found.  Alex drew 3 crosses. 

The following is what I have come up with:  There were three crosses on Mt. Calvary.  Yes, I already knew that.  But, this is how I compared Alex's drawings to the three crosses.  Thief = What If?  Thief = Why Waite?  Jesus Christ = Would U take the place of this Man? 

This is what inspired me to have the Why Waite Necklace Set.  Alex used to enjoy sitting with me and making different pieces of jewelry.  I enjoyed his company tremendously.

Now, you tell me.  Was God involved in all of this?  Was God working thru Alex?  God is GREAT.  And I want to share it with everyone.